028. Dancing With The Stars

Nobody listens to me.  I don’t get no respect.

How many years now, have I been advising all the couples in this family to take up ballroom dancing?  And do they listen?  Yes.  Do they actually do it?  Why, no. On their list of priorities, they place it somewhere below cleaning out the garage.

Even my sister Joan and brother-in-law Tommy wouldn’t listen, so I have to settle for my fantasy idea of how they’d look:

My husband Gene and I were slow to convince, but once we started we danced for about 15 years and had the time of our lives.  Gene’s knees finally wouldn’t cooperate and we had to give up the more rigorous stuff, but we were still able to at least cut a rug at regular social events.

My parents, Jim and Josie danced for 10 years in Phoenix and it was really they who convinced us to start.  The only others in the family that are dedicated to it are my nephew David and his wife Melinda.  I think they teach it now.

Before we started, my mother used to ask on every phone call “Have you started yet?”

And now I keep hearing myself asking the same question. Daughter Gretchen and son-in-law Brad did get 6 lessons under their belts and as soon as they have time, they keep saying they’re going to get more.  I’m sure they’ll look like this by next year at this time.

So far, my nagging hasn’t been effective with my two married granddaughters and grandsons-in-law, Elizabeth and Sean, Little Gretchen and Joe.  They haven’t tried ballroom yet, but I’d settle for anything — salsa, line dancing, square dancing. . . .

So when are YOU going to try ballroom?

It’s good for your health, your marriage, your social life, and your soul.  I promise.


People do not stop dancing because they get older, they get older because they stop dancing. (Author unknown)


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2 Responses to 028. Dancing With The Stars

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Sean and I are starting a waltz class this month! I can’t wait!

  2. Linda Lewis says:

    My Mom met my Dad in the Grand March. Mom wanted to be a ballerina, but her Dad did not want her to have that kind of life. Dad used to be a substitute caller for square dancing. I came in second place in a swing dance contest in the 8th grade with our student body president. (I think that was why we got so far in the contest.)

    But, you forgot to mention the award winning Irish dancing stars in your family. They got yours and Gene’s genes! (I loved those photos of you two!!)

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