026. Erica the Hun-ny

Today is granddaughter Erica’s 21st birthday.

I bet she’s out celebrating tonight, drinking and carousing and carrying on. I’m sure she’s up to no good, otherwise she’d have invited me along.  She knows how I like to party.  But that’s Erica for you, you know how she is.  You do?  So alright already, sometimes Grandma lies a little.

If I could only figure out a way to clone this child, my fortune would be made (and of course I would leave it all to you, that’s the kind of person I am).  Erica’s middle name is Joy and that’s what she brings us.

If you’re prepared for sunshine, let’s have a little visit with her as she was when she was 3 and 7 years old.



When she’s not helping look after her family, Erica is currently a business major at the University of Washington, a champion Irish dancer and she teaches Irish dance classes.   In her “spare time” she works at H & M Clothing Store in the University Village.

And here she is as a 21 year old.  Happy birthday, dear child.  Thank you for being alive.

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9 Responses to 026. Erica the Hun-ny

  1. Gwennie says:

    She is the sweetest.

  2. Linda Atkinson says:

    Good morning my sweet darling Pat! I love this tribute to Erica!
    What a fun video to have. I love all her answers!

    Love to you, Linda

  3. Susy says:

    Wow! Nice job finding and editing those clips together. Do you ever sleep? Erica is a doll. She is beautiful inside and out.

  4. Natalie says:

    This is so adorable 🙂

  5. Elizabeth says:

    What an adorable video. I had totally forgotten about those interviews!

  6. Joy Opsvig says:

    This is way too funny and so nice of you to make Grandma! 🙂

  7. Linda Lewis says:

    I had forgotten how much Erica looked like Teresa! What a doll. The videos are precious. These tributes are the best gift to your family ever. You are the best Grandma. 365 blogs will not be enough! I always knew you were funny and clever, but you are really a natural story teller. So much fun!!

  8. Joan Fitzpatrick says:

    I had missed the video when I first read this. Erica looked just like Teresa at that age. I love that little lisp. She is a beautiful girl.

  9. Linda Lewis says:

    Oh my goodness. I had forgotten how much Erica looked like Teresa! What precious videos! You are the best Grandma ever! And what a beauty she has become, like everyone in your clan!

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