002. Style Tips

Hmnn.  Now that I can see this blog displayed, I realize that boring your socks off will not be my most immediate concern. Like my wardrobe, the blog looks too drab and plain.  Grandson Bryce deserted me in my hour of need, but I’m going to forge ahead on my own and give the presentation more style.  Don’t snicker.  I can do style.  I can.

Appearances do count.  An egg, it’s been said, has nature’s most perfect packaging.  Most people wouldn’t buy it if it wasn’t so nicely contained in its attractive little shell. Without it, think what a challenge it’d be to get even a half dozen of them home from Safeway. My next objective then will be to dress up this blog with some new packaging and a lot more class.  Maybe not today though.

Speaking of style, some of you have unkindly suggested that my idea of dressing up means putting on my very best sweatshirt.  How wrong can you be?  Fashion is extremely important to me.  (Besides, you haven’t even SEEN that sweatshirt yet.  I’ve been saving it for church and for fundraising luncheons.)

I admit there have been times when my wardrobe may have been somewhat alarming. It definitely helps if I remember to look in the mirror.  One night, I was editing a video when granddaughters Josie and T.T. kept sneaking up and sticking coins on the back of my sweater with scotch tape.  And, yes, I forgot about it.  The next morning, I grabbed the sweater and headed for church.  And wore it to communion.  Nobody told me.  I am still awed that no one commented on the fact that I had two quarters, five nickels and several dimes and pennies taped on my back.  I think the congregation must have thought I was part of some sort of Special Collection.

So that brings me to today’s Secret of Life:

“If you can’t be a fashion plate, be a collection plate.”

For more helpful tips on making the best of things, stay tuned for tomorrow’s episode. And maybe a few more yolks.  It’ll be our secret.

From Grandma Pat, the Octo-woman


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One Response to 002. Style Tips

  1. Linda Lewis says:

    What a good chuckle! You crack my eggshell! What a collection you are! Priceless!

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